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Pruning and Stump Grinding in Lincolnville, ME

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Get Tree Pruning and Stump Grinding from Green’s Tree & Crane Service

When you want experienced pruning and stump grinding in Lincolnville, ME make the call to Green’s Tree & Crane Service. Healthy trees add beauty and property value for homeowners and business owners. They do need the right attention, though, to make the most of their lifespan. There are times, though, that those trees do wear out and will need removal. Part of our tree services includes stump grinding.

Our arborist has the experience for your pruning and stump grinding projects. We can handle everything from breaking branches to stump removal. Call us at (207) 322-0320 today or contact us for an appointment and a free quote.

Pruning Will Help Your Trees Stand Out in the Community

Our pruning is comprehensive, and helps enhance the health and beauty of the tree. Our pruners perform crown reduction, crown thinning, crown raising, deadwooding, and more. Each of them helps take off some extra growth from the tree while removing dead branches. If you need space underneath the tree, we can also make that happen.

Quality Stump Grinding to Finish Removing Those Unwanted Trees

Sometimes trees no longer complement where you live and work. Our stump grinding service can work with stumps that are 6 to 12 inches below the surface. Let us handle the removal, including roots, if the need arises. That allows us to get you the space you need, whether it is for construction or for added space.

Expert, Emergency, and Hazardous Services Available Around the Clock

We know that these projects can come up on tight timelines. Our 24 hour emergency service provides you with expert hazardous services when you need us. That helps get rid of those unwanted trees in a timely fashion. Let us help you keep business going while keeping those on your property safe.

Rely on Green’s Tree & Crane Service

in Lincolnville, ME for pruning and stump grinding.